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The world over the decades has made considerable advancement in automation; automation is employed in every sector whether it is home or industry. The need for an automatic school/college bell is now a necessity which has been evolved with the revolution in technology and boost in the education system where time is a major factor affecting the educational system where the time has to be accurate. Here a new and inexpensive design is being presented. This design finds a tremendous use at primary and secondary school levels as well as in colleges where the teaching sections can span over several periods including breaks. The advantage of this design is that the bell rings at the start of each period without any human intervention to a great degree of accuracy and hence takes over the manual task of switching on/off the college bell or ring a bell manually with respect to time. The proposed college time keeper uses a Real Time Clock (DS1307) which tracks the real time, the school time ta




Today, humanity can be classified as living in a “machine society” where technological tools are predominantly at different levels, interfacing in the day–to-day activity of man. These livelihood activities constitute and deliver economic, social and political benefits and potential risks to the survivability of nations –especially developing nations like ours.

In today’s world where time is money it can be wasted on Operating manual things and one of the most common would be school/college bell which has to be operated hour after hour and which is also not accurate and requires the use of manpower this can be easily overcome by using a fully automatic system which is operated using a microcontroller where the college bell is operated fully automatic and doesn’t requires any manpower and which is much more accurate than the one which is operated manually. It replaces the manual switching of the bell in the college. The time table schedule for schools many a times coincide with one another, and may confuse class clashes, the system of ringing bells manually for this class when a teacher may be present in a class is not efficient providing the technological advantage of the proposed system of college time keeper

Technology today aims at reducing the human efforts and promoting better living and cost effective, safe and convenient methods. Thus the idea for this project is born. This project proposes a novel approach to time keeping for subject/ lecture time tables for schools as pre-registered in the system, upon the time for a new class, the system automatically rings the bells, and sends SMS reminder to subject teacher minutes prior to class, providing efficiency and reducing human effort in the process.


In today’s life, everyone gives importance to time. Time does not wait for anybody. Everything should be performed in time & with accuracy. Due to literacy awareness number of colleges and schools are rapidly increasing. In present system, bell for period or break are operated manually. After every class, anemployee or student is engaged in ringing the bell. Inaccuracy, Human error and inconsistency are the drawbacks of manual system. Hence there is a big question of accuracy. There also are cases where a subject teacher may have forgotten he or she is to take a class at a particular time, this brings about lost hours and deficiency in student class activity, so there comes the need to have a system that can take proper and efficient time monitoring and notify a subject teacher minutes prior to the class of a scheduled class in the school time table as saved on the system


This project is aimed at producing a cheap and reliable device with the aim of designing and constructing an electronic device capable of monitoring the time table schedule of a school and ring the bell for each class in order to sustain the adequate, timely and indispensable management of time for the continuous flow of activities in the school. As well an SMS notification system for subject teachers. Using the robust available GSM technology. The system will run round the clock regardless of power outage as a backup battery will be incorporated in the design.



Within the scope of this project, the prototype model of the college time keeper will be equipped a real time clock and GSM modem for time monitoring which will be entered via a keypad and LCD system, the alarm system will be an electromagnetic buzzer and SMS notification. The time is display on LED Scrolling Display Board. Using this project we implement the idea of wireless communication between a college time keeper and mobile phone. This project include the following main components:

  • ATMEL ATMEGA 32 Microcontroller
  • GSM modem-SIM 800
  • Real Time Clock
  • LED and LCD display
  • Keypad
  • Buzzer

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